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Asphalt Repair

    Crack Filler Sealing

    Repairing cracks in your driveway or parking lot before they grow is always the best plan of action. Sealing cracks when they’re small can prevent the need for asphalt repair in the future.

  • Hot Crack Filler Commercial grade rubberized asphalt crack sealer is designed to fill cracks and seal out water and ice. This bonds to the asphalt due to the high temperature it is heated to, then hardens as it cools.


  • Cold pour filler is a quick repair using cold materials. The crack is filled with cold pour filler and hardens as it dries. This will correct the problem today, but does not hold up long term. And, once it is poured into a crack, it is nearly impossible to remove, which will prevent getting the full benefit of hot crack fill sealing in the future.
  • Patching material is a paste like substance, which has similar characteristics of sealer, but is thicker. It can be used to fill cracks, but very rarely holds up long term. It is more of a cosmetic item, but can be very unsightly if applied improperly.


    Potholes, Divots and Many Cracks in a Small Area

    When your asphalt pavement parking lot or driveway needs repairing, think of 783-Seal! Our team of professionals provides a variety of options for your parking lot and driveway repairs.

  • Using hot asphalt mix to repair a bad area is the longer term fix for defective pavement. If done early enough, it’s just a matter of removing the defective area and properly replacing it with new asphalt.


  • Full Depth Hot Asphalt Mix Replacement is a more thorough repair and should be considered when there are signs the asphalt base stone or gravel has been compromised. The defective area is excavated out to a depth to replace the base material along with the asphalt. This technique allows for a longer lasting solution to the problem, because the new asphalt is then installed on a sturdy foundation.
  • Cold Patch can be used for repairing defective asphalt, but is rarely recommended, because it does not usually hold up long term, especially in our Albany, NY Capital Region Area climate. It is generally considered a temporary fix when hot asphalt is not available, not practical for a very small area or when a budget doesn’t allow for a hot asphalt mix repair.

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