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Asphalt Pavement Sealcoating

"How is it done properly?"

As with most things, it’s harder than it looks, plus there is a right way to seal coat and the wrong way. Unfortunately, with seal coating there are many wrong ways to do it.

The first step is making any needed repairs to the pavement. Cracks and any bad areas should be properly repaired.

The second step is to do any needed edging, trimming of grass or pulling any mulch away from the pavement edge.

The third step is to prepare the pavement surface. Any oil stains should be properly treated with a primer compatible with the sealer being used. All dirt and debris needs to be removed. This may require hand labor with a stiff broom, a power broom, a power washer and/or power blower.

The fourth step is to protect anything that may be damaged or stained from the sealer splattering or overspray, especially important is any masonry / concrete surfaces. Also, barricade the area being sealed from pets, pedestrians and vehicles.

The fifth step is to apply the sealer, per the manufacturer’s specifications! This pertains to temperature, mixing, dilution, using any additives and method of application. Remember, thicker is not better. Sealer is like paint, if put it on too thick it can peel and turn into a major mess. However, if it is too thin it will not adhere properly to the pavement and flake off. Keep in mind too; pavement sealer ruins pretty much everything except for pavement. This includes tools, clothes, concrete, stone, painted surfaces, vinyl, leather, carpeting, flooring, etc.

Be careful with wet sealer on clothes and shoes and where they are going. Also, some sealer can cause chemical burns to skin under certain conditions. If applying the sealer with a brush, it takes some skill and experience to avoid leaving ugly brush marks in the sealer. If applying with a sprayer, be very careful! The overspray can travel a long distance and usually it isn’t realized quick enough to avoid big problems, plus even more skill is needed with this method to apply an even coat.

The final step is to clean up and make sure all people, animals and vehicles stay off of the sealer until it dries. The drying time of sealer is affected by temperature, humidity, sun and wind. Also, sealer additives are available to speed the drying time.

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